i20022 Framework

These are the major functionalities the i20022 Framework actually provides:
  • Full implementation of 198 messages covering: Payments, Forex, Securities and Trade Services business domains
  • Guideline independence - SCORE, MA-CUG or SEPA rules may be enforced or relaxed by code
  • Direct Mapping from XML* to plain .NET Message Objects - no XML manipulation
  • Reliable Message Persistence on Database or File System with ADO.NET, LINQ*/Entity Framework support
  • Complex Message Routing
  • Detailed Message Reporting
  • Message usage directions under Visual Studio 2008 with IntelliSense*
  • STP Authoring Wizard for full source-code generation on C#
  • Fully-functional Messaging System built on top of i20022 Framework
  • Fully documented
  • Royalty free
  • Open-source

On next release of Core Classes
  • High-Performance Message Persistence with Microsoft SQL Server